Welcome to CI 484 Learning Technologies!

This instructional design wiki was created by the summer 2011 class of CI484 at University of Illinois-Urbana as part of the Curriculum, Technology and Educational Reform (CTER) Master's program:
Students worked individually and collaboratively to research and evaluate Instructional Design Models, Theories and Methodology. We hope you find this wiki valuable!

Their Task:

Part 1 (We recommend you have your individual page done by the end of week 4)
  1. First look at the possible topics in the left navigation bar under the heading Instructional Design Models
  2. Do some basic research on Instructional Design.
  3. Choose one of the topics under the Category Instructional Design Models, Theories & Methodology.
  4. Find at least three good resources on the topic you have chosen.
  5. Claim your topic by writing your name on the page and posting links to your three resources. ( Yes, it's first come. first served!)
  6. Investigate the features of the Wiki and then write your page.

  • a basic summary of the main ideas of the model/theory
  • any charts/graphs/videos that will help explain the ideas
  • how best this theory/model can be used, and who would used it
  • strengths/weaknesses and similarities to other models

Part 2.

Work together as a group to complete the page What is Instructional Design?

If there are any pages that have not been done, as a group make some decisions how the group will complete the remaining pages.

  • Part 2 Due Date: August 27 11:59 pm CDT

Part 3.

After this task is completed write a Blog Post about the Wiki Process. Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of writing collaboratively. How might you use a wiki in your classes?

  • Due Date for Wiki Blog Post: September 3, 11:59pm CDT (post your response on your blog and post your link in the Wiki Reflection Blog Post Forum
  • See the authors' final Blog Posts Here

Enter the wiki- What is Instructional Design?